Privacy Policy of AlphaNet Service GmbH & Co. KG

The protection of your personal data for the AlphaNet Service GmbH & Co. KG (further on “Digicruitment") is a key concern. With this Privacy Policy Digicruitment wants you to inform how Digicruitment contracts with your personal data. These terms and conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions.

1. Digicruitment collects, processes and uses personal data in compliance with the legal provisions concerning data protection, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Act on Data Protection in Teleservices (TSDPA).

2. Digicruitment and their users undertake all information and data provided by the users to to treat as confidential and unavailable to third parties. This includes all information and data that is not generally available, and users were not acknowledged about the information right from the beginning. In no case will Digicruitment personal data for advertising or marketing purposes get to know to third parties.

3. Users of Digicruitment decide which personal data, entered by them in Digicruitment, can be viewed by other users of Digicruitment. Personal contacts in the address book of the user are not visible to other Digicruitment users.

4. Despite the maximum safety precautions, it can happen that confidential and privileged information / or data could be access by unauthorized third party and / or get lost. In such a case, the relevant user and Digicruitment must be informed immediately.

5. The Users are informed that it cannot be completely excluded that the information published on and the vacancies cannot be copied by other ISP or another internet Jobportal in other technical way of access to job opportunities obtained to publish these as their own offer. As far as it is technically and legally possible will Digicruitment endeavor to prevent such unwanted users from publications by other ISPs.

6. As part of the contractual provision of services personal data is collected, stored, processed and used. Personal data is data that contain information about the personal and material circumstances of an identified or identifiable user. Data is stored electronically. Furthermore, the retrieval of data from the website are recorded. Digicruitment provides all information requested about the stored Data for free and at any time.

7. Digicruitment deletes the personal data of their users when they longer needed for the purposes specified in this privacy policy and legal retention requirements. Moreover, it is up to the users to update the relevant data stored and processed by Digicruitment as well as to access and correct or delete the data when the user contacted Digicruitment.

8. Users are cautioned that the Dicicriutment GmbH & Co. KG § § 4 and 33 paragraph 1 BDSG stores the personal data processed in the ways and for purposes of this contract, or forward it to third parties as part of the contract.

9. The personal settings, a user enters will be saved. This ensures that each user finds is personal settings again with each new session. The job leads GmbH conventionally used cookies for this purpose. These cookies are permanently stored on the user's browser, on the hard drive. To prevent this, the user can change settings in the browser.