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Absence of skilled employees in different areas of the German industry is a massive problem. is a personnel consultancy which sets its goals to solve the problem of deficiency of skilled employees in Germany.
It is difficult to find quickly specialized employees who are equivalent to the searching profiles and are appropriate for the company.
Therefore either you trust your personnel consultant he has an equivalent candidate in his database or he will find one in one of the social networks e.g. XING, linkedin.
Digicruitment as a professional personnel consultancy has access to the database of high qualified employees and professionals from all over Europe who have intention to work in Germany.
Thus we shorten the classical process of efficient recruitment through direct approach. We give you access to the profiles of all candidates so you can choose yourself.
This kind of process takes not so much effort like the XING research but it is time-optimized and leads you to your target.
Digicruitment offers you access to our database of skilled and professional employees.
The Digicruitment team supports you while finding your required recruits and:

• supports you with the definition and requirements of your employees
• Offers you the access to the database
• Supports the direct approach of finding approved candidates with own identity
• Supports in the operational search and direct marketing to suitable candidates
Take use of the Dicruitment database and the knowledge of our qualified consultants to find the right employees for your company. The team of Digicruitment is always willing to consult and to help you.
We are happy to help you with our services.
Just use our contact form for your inquiry.