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Skills shortage is the biggest challenge

What problems posed by demographic change for business entail? The lack of young talent is the most common answer.

The biggest challenge according to the survey of EuPD, TÜV Süd and Handelsblatt around 40 percent is in youth and skill shortages: "It is increasingly shown that companies are faced with lack of junior staff. You must position them differently and be more attractive to meet the increasing demand, "said Benjamin Klenke, Director of Sustainable Management EuPD the results.
Especially problematic is the issue here for smaller companies. Every second with less than 500 employees, sees the problem.
Lack of skilled workers - the number one brake on future growth
The demographic change will cost the German economy is already 33 billion euros per year. The reason: There is a lack of appropriate professionals. Mid to long term, see experts dramatically increasing problems. Especially small and medium-sized businesses are affected by the shortage of skilled workers
If more workers leave the labor market than fulfill shortage of skilled workers is inevitable in Germany. Here, the demand for skilled workers is still rising. Even fast-growing immigration or the shift from an industrial to a service economy cannot absorb this development.
The fact is that we are already short the company professionals. This is shown by the numbers: Three quarters of the entrepreneurs indicate that they have difficulties in filling vacancies. 37 percent prepares the shortage of skilled workers therefore are thez already worried. 74 percent believe that the problem is massively worse in the coming years. Revenue losses must accept already over half of the SMEs, because much-needed skilled workers are not available - according to calculations a loss in the amount of EUR 33 billion alone in 2011.

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