Volker Schmidt, Managing Director

Volker Schmidt, Managing Director, Large and foreign trade merchant,
studied business computer science, has given his diverse experiences as a director or as a member of advisory and supervisory boards in-depth knowledge in management, leadership positions and other.

Member of the Advisory Board of Deutsche Telekom's business customers(1999-2001)
City marketing Cologne (member since 2001 and 2 years on the board)
Media & IT Council, of the Mayor of City of Cologne(Founding member since 2001
Today Member of the Board) Advisory Board since 2000 (currently Chairman)
Information and Communication Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Cologne
(Since 2000 Deputy Chairman and Member, April 2002 to December 2009 Chairman,
now a full memberAssembly Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Cologne (2000-2009)
Member of the Advisory Board of the retail trade and service organization Cologne (2003-2009)
Assessor of the Body for competition disputes Chamber of CommerceCologne (2006-2009)
Member of the working group of the German e-commerce Mail Order Association (Until 2009)
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hermstadt AG, Mannheim
Chairman and founding member (Cologne InternetExchange) KICX e.V. (2002-2007)
Managing shareholder AlphaNet GmbH (since 1984)
Multinational consulting projects for various corporationsInitiator and implementation of
Since 2011Member of the Supervisory Board of Energetrium AG, Cologne Since 2012 until 10/2013